If you want your business to look its best, engage a commercial cleaning service of the highest calibre.

After all, if they don’t do a decent job, your name is on the line. The popularity and success of your company can be greatly affected by how your customers view it.

Not sure if your corporate cleaning company is up to scratch? You could be correct in thinking that. Here are many signs that you need a new corporate cleaning company.

When to choose a new corporate cleaning contractor

When to choose a new corporate cleaning contractor


1.     Your site looks like it could be cleaner


Inconsistencies in the quality of service and the number of tasks completed may indicate that the cleaning staff is not giving their all to the job. If that’s the case, it’s a major warning sign that this isn’t the best business for you.

Obviously, there is always room for improvement. But if your business’s cleaning provider is routinely producing subpar results, something is clearly wrong.

2.     They consistently arrive late


Your cleaner may not value punctuality as much as they should, as seen by their repeated lateness. Arriving late causes interruptions and forces cleaners to work faster. As a result of being pressed for time, the cleaner is less likely to execute a thorough job.

An agreement, usually in the form of a contract, is reached between the business and the cleaning service upon hiring. What this means is that the clean must always begin and end at the predetermined times.


3.     They don’t use the right equipment


Disposable microfiber cloths, i-mops, battery-pack vacuums, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are just some of the items your corporate cleaning company should be using. To give just one example, microfiber cloths are the best cleaning tool since they absorb 99.9% of the dust, filth, grease, and bacteria they come into contact with. Cotton, on the other hand, would only serve to scatter the dirt about rather than absorb it.

The use of outdated tools, bleach, and ammonia-based cleaning products is unacceptable in any modern cleaning service.


4.     They don’t communicate with you


When a problem, query, or concern does occur, you want to be free to voice your thoughts and feelings without any problems. You also expect an immediate response to your question or problem. Avoid hiring a cleaning service that ignores or fails to address your issues.

Hiring a new cleaning service is warranted if you have been forced to leave numerous unreturned voicemails and emails without any response.


5.     They use different staff every time


When multiple cleaners or cleaning crews are frequently dispatched to your location, something is wrong.

You can never be sure how thoroughly a commercial cleaning company screens, trains, and onboards new employees when there is a significant turnover rate. Now there are several causes for high turnover, but one in particular sticks out.

Nobody likes being mistreated, so it’s no surprise that poorly compensated cleaners quickly find new employment.

You’ll also notice that the standard of work and customer care you receive will fluctuate wildly. Having a new cleaner come in may result in frustration on both ends because they will be unfamiliar with the premises and your expectations for how they should be cleaned. In contrast, a designated cleaner always has clear instructions waiting for them when they arrive at the office.

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