Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services or cleaning warehouses require stronger cleaning materials and more stringent cleaning methods in order to remove tough dirt which is typically associated with industrial manufacturing processes.

The machinery and materials used in industrial cleaning are also usually far larger and stronger than equipment found in non-industrial environment. For this reason, industrial or warehouse cleaning services need to use tougher detergents and cleaning tools in order to keep them clean and limit the spread of germs.

Industrial Cleaning

South Africa has a diverse collection of industries that rely on professional industrial cleaning services as part of streamlined production processes:

  • Factories
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Distribution centres
  • Self-storage facilities
These industrial environments are busy, high-traffic areas despite the type of products that they produce. Therefore, these companies and industries require thorough, consistent cleaning that involves specialized tools, techniques, and services, performed by reputable service providers in South Africa. These environments are well-known for accumulating dirt and debris quickly, which can cause harm to workers and damage to machinery. By using cleaning warehouse- and facilities services, companies can ensure that their production line is streamlined.

What is the purpose of cleaning warehouse and industrial cleaning?

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning can be a high-risk job that is performed at various facilities that must meet their industry and safety regulations. This means that professional cleaning companies offer certain services to help manufacturers, and other facilities remain compliant and protect employees.

Industrial cleaning is done to:

  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Prevent incidents
  • Ensure high-quality products

What does Industrial Cleaning require?

Industrial cleaning requires the following:

  • Care and attention to clean the warehouse and facility without disrupting production processes.
  • The time and flexibility to clean quickly and thoroughly around production schedules.
  • Specialized equipment and highly trained and skilled personnel that can effectively clean and sanitize surfaces in a wide range of industrial settings.

Many reputable commercial cleaning companies in South Africa offer a wide range of professional cleaning service solutions that are cost-effective, thorough, and streamlined, ensuring that industries in South Africa have a safe, clean working environment for all employees.

When an industrial facility is cleaned thoroughly and frequently, it will ensure the following:

  • Safe working conditions will increase employee morale and ensure compliance with all safety standards.
  • A safer industrial facility will ensure that production delays are minimized as there will be fewer incidents.
  • A clean environment will increase employee productivity and overall productivity levels.
  • When facilities are cleaned regularly it will ensure that the quality of products can be guaranteed, which subsequently ensures customer satisfaction.


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Typical Industrial Cleaning Services in South Africa

Everyday industrial cleaning services can include a variety of cleaning duties offered by commercial cleaning companies in South Africa that will be tailored to the industry, environment, and the company’s preferences. Some of the typical cleaning services carried out in industries including:

  • Floor cleaning, stripping, refinishing as well as sealing.
  • Heavy-duty equipment cleaning.
  • Industrial carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.
  • Glass and window cleaning.
  • Power washing as well as loading dock cleaning.
  • Exhaust system cleaning.
  • Handyman repairs as well as various maintenance.
  • Removal of trash as well as recycling.
  • Restroom cleaning, sanitation, and provision of supplies
  • Construction debris removal, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Industrial cleaning is the process of cleaning high-risk areas in industrial facilities such as warehouses, power plants, factories, and several other types.

It promotes safety and employee productivity, minimizes downtime for maintenance, and ensures compliance with all safety rules and regulations.

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