Post Occupation

We provide the best Post Occupational Cleaning Services. Free quote on Pre Occupational Cleaning. We take pride in our work and make every effort to offer our consumers the best quality and brilliant customer service. We provide safe and specialised Pre and Post Occupation cleaning services at the most competitive prices. With professional corporate cleaning services, you are always guaranteed the best service.

Post Occupation

The Best Relocation Partner for You!

The difficulty of moving should not dampen the excitement of starting a new chapter in one’s life. Since changes can be stressful, we at Active Services have orchestrated a masterful programme of pre- and post-occupational cleaning services to make your move less stressful and more enjoyable.


Going Above and Beyond: Revealing a Cosmos of Spotless Locations

Put an end to the days of stressing out over tedious cleaning tasks while you’re moving. With an exceptional selection of services designed to fulfil your every need, Active Services is at the forefront of the cleaning and sanitation industry’s perfection.


The Keys to End-of-Lease Happiness Revealed

Let our professional touch reveal a lease termination process that is free of hassle. We understand the importance of a thorough end-of-lease cleaning in protecting your deposits. This is too important to leave to amateurs, so why not hire experts? You may rest assured that Active Services will leave your former residence in immaculate shape, protecting your deposit and maximising your return on investment.


Pre- and Post-Occupation Enchantment

At Active Services, we don’t only clean; we create a flawless cleaning concerto.  Your old and new places will be transformed into spotless havens of tranquilly by our team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing a comprehensive and effective cleaning experience. Instead of a cleaning, your move-in will be a party!


We Prioritise Your Needs

Similarly, our services are tailored to each individual transfer. When you choose Active Services, you’ll get cleaning solutions that are tailor-made to meet your exact specifications. Everything from the finer points to the grandeur of a perfectly clean room is within our purview.


Because Your Time is Valuable, We Are Flexible to Meet Your Needs

We are aware of the fact that moving is a time-sensitive endeavour. At Active Services, we have a team of committed professionals that work hard to accommodate your schedule and provide dependable services.

The ordinary chore of cleaning is elevated to a fine art form by Active Services. We spare no effort in our quest for excellence.

When it comes to relocation, we don’t merely provide services; we create memories. You can rely on Active Services to be your reliable companion as you embark on a fresh chapter, guaranteeing that everything will be neat, organised, and stress-free. Reimagine your relocation with us, one immaculate room at a time.


Here are some of the services that our team offers:

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