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Beautiful buildings dot the skyline of Johannesburg. Commercial window cleaning services are an integral part of preserving these landmarks in pristine condition. Active Services has the skilled commercial window cleaning staff you need to look after your building windows. Our teams are highly trained, fully insured, and committed to treating your commercial base with the same respect they would give their own home.

We provide expert window cleaning services tailored to your specific requirements. We offer comprehensive business window cleaning services, including post-construction cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and one-time cleanings. We promise your complete satisfaction with our service and stand by it with a full money-back guarantee, full-coverage insurance, and highly-trained, supervised employees.

Hiring a commercial window cleaning service to maintain your building’s windows has many advantages.

Professional window washers have the tools necessary to clean any window, regardless of its height, including water poles, lifts, and harnesses. When the right tools are employed, the windows get a thorough cleaning that leaves them spotless and streak-free.

Cleaning and maintaining business windows can make an office space safer for those with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies by removing dust, debris, and grime from the glass.

The appearance of an office will be the first thing a consumer observes. Indeed, first impressions are crucial in the economic world. Many people judge a workplace by its cleanliness, or lack thereof; if your space is untidy, customers may wonder about the quality of your work.

Windows that are spotless give off an image of refinement and neatness. They aid in making a good first impression on a potential client or consumer.

window cleaning services Gauteng

Frequently Asked Questions

The frames of commercial windows are often larger and wider. Commercial window frames also have a more robust and utilitarian appearance than residential window frames. Also, unlike residential windows, commercial ones must have a greater wind rating and typically come with better hardware.

Commercial windows in multi-story buildings are often required to be solid by local building codes. The primary goal of this measure is to protect those below from any potential hazards, such as accidental falls or falling objects.

It’s recommended to get your windows cleaned once a year, if not twice. If you can manage it at least once a year, you will see a dramatic change.

Make sure everything is cleared off the window sill and out of the way before the professionals arrive to clean your windows. This includes moving any obstructions like furniture that might be in the way.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, washing windows is easiest to accomplish on a cloudy day or first thing in the morning. Direct sunshine on a freshly cleaned window can dry up the cleaning solution and produce stains.

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