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South Africa’s commercial sector is prospering in the province of Gauteng, the country’s economic engine. The importance of keeping a neat, professional, and welcoming workplace cannot be overstated, especially considering that more than a quarter of the country’s population resides in only 1.5% of its land area. Here’s where the help of Active Service Corporate Cleaning Services makes a huge impact.


Active Service has a specialised team that is familiar with the requirements of working in a fast-paced setting. We are well-versed in the cleaning requirements of commercial spaces and can make sure that your offices, boardrooms, and other facilities stay spotless despite the constant activity.


We understand that every company is different and has particular needs. Our cleaning services are not generic; rather, they are customised to meet the requirements of your business’s size, kind, and schedule. We work around your company’s schedule and routine so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Corporate Cleaning Services

The benefits of a clean workplace extend beyond mere aesthetics; they also include increased employee health and productivity. In order to reduce sick days and boost morale, Active Service uses leading-edge cleaning methods and materials to create environments that are less conducive to the spread of germs. In the thriving economy of Gauteng, a contented and healthy worker is an invaluable resource.


In a commercial city like Gauteng, where reputation is everything, making a good first impression is crucial. A neat and tidy office area is a reflection of your dedication to quality and expertise. Our professional team is proud to leave no detail overlooked, and as a result, your business location will exude an air of refinement befitting Gauteng’s prosperity.


Maintaining a steady flow of business is critical. Our method of cleaning is preventative, so we can identify and address possible maintenance concerns before they disturb your business. Active Service works alongside you to keep your business and brand protected.


Active Service is committed to accelerating the growth of your company, much like Gauteng drives South Africa’s economy. Our dedication to quality, meticulousness, and professionalism is a reflection of what the Gauteng business sphere strives to. When you work with Active Service, you’re teaming up with a company that truly gets and appreciates the Gauteng Corporate Sector for what it is.


Active Service Corporate Cleaning Services stands out as the answer to keeping your Gauteng business at the highest possible standards in an environment where excellence is the norm and the pursuit of greatness is continual. With Active Service by your side, you can spruce up your office, improve your public image, and set out on a path to greater success. Get in touch with us right now to see the change for yourself. With Active Services your business gets only the best when it comes to cleaning.


Contract cleaning, hygienic solutions, outsourcing of workforce, speciality cleaning, and recycling are just a few of ACCS’s many cleaning services. Due to our reliability and high standard of service, we have been awarded with several long-term contracts and a good reputation in the cleaning industry.

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