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With a phased opening of the economy and more people returning to the office, the need for reliable garden services and facilities management is increasing yet again. 

While there are many reputable services offered in South Africa, it is necessary to choose one that fits your schedule, your budget, and that is a trusted service with a good reputation.

Benefits of outsourcing Garden Services and Facility Management

When you outsource garden services, you can be assured that a professional service will have the necessary experience and knowledge to not only take care of your garden but promote and maintain plant growth.

Professional garden services have the necessary tools and resources that most home gardeners may not have, which will further ensure that your garden receives the care that it needs.

When your garden is taken care of it will ensure that your property can maintain its value, especially considering that gardens produce an excellent impression.

Facilities management offers similar benefits and it allows you to rest assured that facilities on your property like pools, gatehouses, and public areas are cleaned, maintained, and well taken care of to the highest standard.

What to expect from Garden Services

Garden services comprise of several components including:

  • Lawn care – which includes occasional trims and regular maintenance provided year-round, despite the size of the lawn.
  • Tree and shrub care involve pruning, branch trimming, and tree-felling.
  • Clean-up of garden refuse and the removal thereof.
  • Adhoc composting, disease- or weed control.
  • Fertilizing of the lawn, flower beds, and trees.
  • The maintenance on boundaries walls such as repairs, painting, and more.

What to expect from Facility Management


Facilities management service providers have a wide range of important day-to-day responsibilities to ensure that people who work and live in areas are comfortable and productive. When you are away from your home or business for durations, or you have a busy schedule, facilities management services are the perfect solution to ensure that everything is kept in order.

Facility management consists of several different components that help you keep your property in the best possible shape, whether a standalone home, estate or any other residential property:

  • Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning
  • Real estate management, occupancy and space management.
  • General maintenance and operations.
  • Managing the plumbing, writing, heating, cooling, and several other functions.
  • Groundskeeping, security, and several other services.
  • Facilities cleaning and maintenance, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Facility management involves the outsourcing of a company to maintain residential and office buildings, estate homes, and other facilities on behalf of owners, ensuring that everything is in order and working condition.

The garden and lawn of any home is the owner’s pride and joy and with a reputable garden service, professionals are tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of the garden, ensuring that plants and trees are well looked after and that there is frequent mowing, pruning, trimming, weeding, and several other functions to ensure that the garden is in optimal health.

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