The business world might be packed to the brim with similar companies, all in competition with one another, but there are a couple of things that easily set some companies apart from others, especially in the world of corporate cleaning.

Corporate cleaning is not just about making sure that the job gets done quickly and efficiently, it is also about ensuring that professionalism is kept at the forefront and that a relationship, one that is strong and reliable, is built between the company offering the cleaning service and the client receiving it.

In a world that is becoming increasingly impersonal, working with a cleaning company that is ready and willing to go that extra step is of utmost importance if you want to be sure that the company becomes one that you can rely on for years to come, because who really wants to change their cleaning service every couple of months?

At Active Services, we aim to always go above and beyond for those who work with us. And that means we have a couple of value added services that come as a part of our package, so to speak, which set us apart from the other cleaning companies in the area. Value added services are those that are not part of our core services, but which go beyond what you can expect to receive when you are working with our team of professional corporate cleaners.


What does Active Services have to Offer


A Personalised Approach


We offer our clients a wide range of reliable, expert services suitable for all kinds of office spaces. But while our services come in a range of standard forms, we do offer the option of making the service you select more personalised. We do this because over the years we have learned that companies often require a more unique approach to the cleaning that they require. For this reason we like to consult with each client before the cleaning contract starts, ensuring that their cleaning service is unique to them.

Flexible Contracts


Not everyone needs a long term contract while others do want something a little more permanent. When you work with us, we can help you out by giving you the option of determining the length of your cleaning contract, to ensure that the contract is suitable for your needs. This can also give you an additional way to correctly budget for the cleaning service.


Expert Advice


There are many things that the internet won’t tell you, because some things can only be learned through experience. Cleaning can be a bit of an art and it that takes time to learn the finer things about getting the job done right, especially if what you are cleaning is a little more complicated than the basics (hello Persian carpets). With our many years of experience, we can give you some really great advice that you can use to up your cleaning game in between our cleaning sessions, and keep your office looking great all throughout the month.

Need a new cleaning team to help you out? Contact Active Services today for a quote on our services.

Active Services offers many cleaning services including, recycling services and retail cleaning for all small offices right through to prestigious Head Offices, multi-site buildings and other spaces. Contact our team today. If you liked this article, you might also like, reasons to hire corporate cleaning company.