Pest Control Services

Even in the most beautifully manicured corporate lawns, green private gardens, and expansive estates in Gauteng, South Africa, a pest infestation could swiftly transform an idyllic setting into a hostile environment. Fortunately, Active Services is here to protect your home gardens, estates, and business landscapes from these pesky pests. We provide unmatched pest control solutions that are customised to cater to your specific needs.

As a leading pest control company in Gauteng, Active Services is dedicated to providing exceptional pest control services and is particularly enthusiastic about protecting the region’s parks and other open areas. Delivering effective and long-lasting pest management solutions, our team of trained professionals blends in-depth knowledge with innovative methods and environmentally conscious materials.

Apart from our pest control services we also offer hygiene servicescarpet cleaning, and industrial cleaning.

Pest Control Services

Transforming Backyards into Sanctuary: The Power of Home Gardens

We at Active Services know that your home garden is more than just some land; it’s a haven of peace and beauty where you can get away from it all. It doesn’t take long for ants, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes to spoil this picture-perfect retreat.


We offer thorough pest control services for home gardens that aim to eliminate these unwanted visitors and restore harmony to your outdoor sanctuary. Our crew uses cutting-edge methods and eco-friendly treatments to get rid of pests like termites that are eating away at your wooden deck or ants that won’t budge from their march across your patio, all while protecting your plants and wildlife from harmful chemicals.

Gardens: Preserving the Beauty of Expansive Terrains

Estates’ vast grounds frequently provide special difficulties in pest management, as invading insects and harmful animals are ever-present dangers.


To meet the unique requirements of estates and other large-scale landscapes, Active Services develops specific strategies for pest control. Our staff does comprehensive evaluations and creates tailored treatment programs to safeguard the natural beauty of your estate’s lawns, gardens, and wooded areas against pests.

Business Gardens: Improving Business Landscapes

Your company’s meticulousness and expertise will be shown in the way your outdoor areas are presented, which is especially important in the business sector where first impressions are crucial. Even the most beautifully manicured corporate gardens can have their reputation ruined by pests like ants, flies, and rats.


Corporate gardens can be kept immaculate and welcoming for clients, workers, and visitors with the help of Active Services’ all-inclusive pest control services. Without interfering with your daily activities, our covert and effective treatments will eradicate infestations.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to providing first-rate pest control services, Active Services is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our commitment to providing excellent service, protecting the environment, and always learning and growing has made us the go-to pest control company in Gauteng.

Making Sure Our Customers Are Happy: We Put Our Customers’ Wants and Needs First and Always Strive to Go Above and Beyond Their Expectations.

For each customer, we guarantee a great experience thanks to our staff of trained specialists who provide individual attention, excellent communication, and fast answers.

We at Active Services are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by doing all of our pest control treatments using sustainable procedures and environmentally friendly products. The fragile ecosystems of Gauteng are important to us, thus we take special care to reduce our environmental footprint while still controlling pests.

Our commitment to becoming a leader in the pest control industry includes a relentless pursuit of technological advancement. To make sure our clients get the best solutions possible, our staff is always learning and training to keep up with the newest developments in pest management.

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